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to Our New Book Releases

   May these books help anchor the soul in sound and Scriptural growth.
(3 John 2)
   May each reader openly engage with the life and presence of Holy Spirit.

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Apostle Traci Carson brilliantly lays out a path to understand and walk in the fullness of who we are as the original Adam: male and female! By minimizing the spiritual role of women or by over inflating the authority of men, we pervert the image of God we were created in. But by fully celebrating and integrating both male and female characteristics into the dynamics of relationships, church life and Kingdom expression, we can accurately represent God in the earth, walking in the oneness necessary to fulfill our dominion mandate. 

Apostle Bo Salisbury
Kingdom Culture International
Uniontown, Ohio

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Apostle Traci Carson’s work, “The Three Dimensions of God.” In a very unique and practical way,  she unveils keys to understand the process of transformation in order to access what is already ours, given by God Himself — so that we can enjoy what’s ours and effectively touch every life around us.

If you’re looking for solid spiritual food, “The Three Dimensions of God” is a must-read — supplying more than just helpful supplements, but essential nutrients for your growth in God. Between the covers, you won’t find theory, but the “how to” on working with Holy Spirit as He effects the heart transformation your soul has been yearning for. I highly recommend Traci’s book to any Believer in Christ, and wish the book all the success for God’s glory and the expansion of His Kingdom.

Rev. Craig DeMo, President

Ambassador Ministries International

Portland, OR.

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