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The path to a deeper walk with the Spirit requires road signs, and I know no one better to post those signs than Traci Carson. She is a living example of deep, revelatory love and wisdom, and,  on top of this, she is an excellent teacher — her messages on the differences between soul and spirit alone are invaluable. Savor Three Dimensions of God, and keep it close at hand. It will serve you well.


John L. Moore

Prophet, Christian author, speaker,
multi-award-winning journalist and novelist.

Miles City, MT.


What a masterpiece! Traci Carson really draws some powerful and practical correlations between the tabernacle and our triune being. I just love how she breaks it all down into simple terms, easy to understand, and to apply! It grabbed me and pulled me in. I didn’t want to stop reading it. Readers will be able to readily understand how to move into the dimension within ourselves, our human spirit, that powerful place that God created as His place for us to commune together. It’s not difficult at all, very doable when folks understand how!  This book is going to bless a lot of readers and help them to connect with our Abba! Traci de-mystified some things here for folks - not to mention it’s an easy read!   I enjoyed it. 


Angie Dorman

Prophet and Senior Leader.
King’s Dominion International 
Pemberton, NJ

One of the greatest plagues in the modern Church is a lack of a solid foundation of Basic Bible Doctrines. We constantly come across folks that have been saved for 10, 15, 20 years, or more...and yet have no solid Biblical Foundation. 

This book by my Dear Friend of many years, Apostle Traci Carson, goes a long way to helping rectify that issue. Most Believers do not understand all of the “Threes” that the author explains in her writing.  

Father, Son, & Holy Spirit / Spirit, Soul, & Body / Outer Court, Inner Court, & Holy of Holies / Baptism in the Body, Baptism in Water, & Baptism in the Spirit / The Spirit Within You, The Spirit Upon You, & The Spirit Around You; are just some of the Truths of Threes that await you in this volume. 

I wholeheartedly endorse this writing and this author believing in both. May you grow in truth, revelation, and knowledge of the Word and receive an impartation of the spirit and anointing on the life of Apostle Traci as you read. 

Michael Fram
Apostle, International Speaker and Founder of
Prophetic Destiny Ministries International.              
Sayreville, NJ

Traci Carson is not only compassionate and gracious to those who are learning how to embrace Christ’s merciful kindness, but her ability to disciple and mentor through this publication shows the authentic transformation that her own life has experienced. I encourage others to share this book far and wide. It anchors the soul in sound and scriptural growth, and openly invites the reader to engage with Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Reverend Mary Lindow

Prophet, International Speaker, Voiceover.
His Beloved Ministries Inc. 

Denver, Colorado 


As a minister, I delight in seeing Believers come to understand who they are in Christ, what they have in Christ and what they can do in Christ. Yet for so many, simply getting some understanding along these lines produces little more than a temporary emotional rush followed by a season of frustration. I realized this was not only the experience of others but my experience too. I understood the frustration. At the New Birth, Father deposits in us His life, His “treasure in earthen vessels.” We must understand not only what we have, but how to access it — a process requiring more than a devotional, an exhortation, a great teaching or even a fiery sermon. 


Enter Apostle Traci Carson’s work, “The Three Dimensions of God.” In a very unique and practical way, “The Three Dimensions of God” unveils keys to understand the process of transformation in order to access what is already ours, given by God Himself — so that we can enjoy what’s ours and effectively touch every life around us.


To me, it’s clear that Traci’s book wasn’t the result of a few months’ worth of spare time. It was written over a lifetime of devotion to God and His people, then collected and edited at the direction of the Holy Spirit “for the perfecting of the Saints” in just the right season. Timing is everything! 


If you’re looking for solid spiritual food, “The Three Dimensions of God” is a must-read — supplying more than just helpful supplements, but essential nutrients for your growth in God. Between the covers, you won’t find theory, but the “how to” on working with Holy Spirit as He effects the heart transformation your soul has been yearning for. I highly recommend Traci’s book to any Believer in Christ, and wish the book all the success for God’s glory and the expansion of His Kingdom.


Rev. Craig DeMo, President

Ambassador Ministries International

Portland, OR. 


In Apostle Traci Carson’s book on the “Three Dimensions of God,” she compiled a wealth of revelation about the correlation and connection between the Nature of God and Humanity. This book provides a doorway of understanding that will help you apprehend vital principles of knowing God and living in His presence. I recommend this book as an essential part of your life process.

Dr. Kluane Spake
International Apostolic/Prophetic Minister,
Author, Theologian, Ministry Mentor.
Atlanta, GA.


Apostle Traci does an amazing job explaining with divine revelation the Trinity of God, our triune nature and how we can relate with the three dimensions of God on a daily basis.  This book not only explains a mystery, but it empowers the reader to engage with that mystery in a very practical way.  The wisdom revealed in this book is a must read for believers to take control of their soul by engaging their spirit with an awesome God!  


Bo Salisbury
Apostle, Author, founder of Kingdom Culture International,
leader of Kingdom Culture Exchange.
Uniontown, OH. 


“The mystery of which was hidden for ages and generations (from angels and men), but is now revealed to His holy people (the saints), to whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the hope of (realizing the) glory.” (Colossians 1:26-27 AMPC)

This is the biblical revelation of the foundation for all authentic Christianity - the realization of His life within and among us!

Congratulations, dear Traci, on an excellent understanding for grasping and living in this truth. 


Don Atkin
Apostle, Author, founder of Kingdomquest International Ministries,
a global network of churches and ministries. 
Indian Trail, N.C.


Traci Carson’s book is for all Christians, especially those who are seeking to know God more intimately and themselves more clearly. She uses the pattern of the Tabernacle to illustrate the three Persons of the Godhead and ourselves as tripartite creatures comprised of spirit, soul and body. Not only is her teaching valuable, but her passionate desire to help the reader draw closer to God and mature in Christ is stimulating. This book should be read slow, even twice.


Greg Manalli

Fellowship of Life Church

Apostle, Overseer of Ephesians Ministries.

Cheshire, CT

My friend, Apostle Traci Carson, in her new book, The Three Dimensions of God, has laid out a great understanding of the Triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  She beautifully explains how mankind is made up - spirit and soul and body - made in the image of God!  


In detail she explains the many expressions of the three dimensions, such as the tabernacle of Moses - the outer court, inner court, and the Most Holy Place!  A great understanding of God in three dimensions is found in I Tim. 3:16,  “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:  God was manifest in the flesh, Justified in the Spirit, Seen by Angels, Preached among the Gentiles, Believed on in the world, and Received up in glory.”


Thanks for the clarity and wisdom of this book. A must read to understand the Three Dimensions of God!


Jim Becton

Apostle, Consultant with Apostolic Regional Ministries
and Apostolic Teaching Fathers. Founder of James Becton Ministries
and Fathers Heart Ministries.

Houston, Tx. 




I am delighted, I am blessed today at the reading of this book. I have heard the Spirit of God repeat over and over that the church is in need of examining and realigning her foundations. 


So much fluff and lighthearted playfulness (don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the presence of God as He has manifested a lighthearted dimension of himself) but we have a whole generation of Christians who have not been taught the foundations of our faith with the result of weak, unprepared, untaught believers who are easy game for the enemy.


Further, in so many cases the Apostolic has been misunderstood and misused. Instead of going forth to lay (with one's own life if necessary) proper, strong, level and permanent foundations, many have sought after a name, a title, a position instead of giving themselves for the cause of the kingdom of God among the next generation of leaders.


Traci has heard the whisper of the Spirit, She has seen the pathway God has set before us, and she has learned the purpose for which her and her husband, Gary and a relatively few others were placed in the earth for this - for such a time as this.


I am happy to endorse and recommend a serious reading and meditation of Traci’s work. The kind of reading and meditating that I am speaking of is the kind birthed in the heart of God and released to those who have been willing to sacrifice what they might have been in order to become what God intends them, in time, to be.


I pray heaven's blessing on her labors and the favor of God to continue with her and Gary.

Dr. Greg Austin
Apostle, Author, church consultant.
Appalachian mountains, SW Virginia



As I began reading Traci’s book, The Three Dimensions of God, my heart leapt, for, in it, I found truths dear to my heart and keys to victorious living. 


I was reminded of something my dad, Wade Taylor, wrote: “It can be said that each one of us lives within a three-story house. We reside on the middle floor, and can choose to either go ‘up’ into the heavenly realm, or ‘down’ into the earthly realm. We have within us the ‘capacity and ability’ to find expression and fulfillment on either the upper or the lower floors of our life experience.”


It was through my dad I first came to know Traci Carson and her husband Gary. After my dad’s homecoming, at times I would sit in his prayer chair, spending time with the Lord. One day as I was there crying out to God, I was led in an unusual way to a ministry site where Traci had written a tribute to my dad, expressing appreciation for the message he carried. Her words deeply touched my heart.

As I lingered in that prayer chair, I noticed Traci and Gary had their own ministry website,, and I decided to visit it. There, I saw their passion for Christians to be equipped and transformed into the image of Christ Jesus. As I read about their desire for God’s people to experience the life that comes from Christ abiding within, my heart was stirred with a deep longing to talk to Traci and Gary.


Impulsively, I sent them a message, opening my heart to them, though I had never met them. To my surprise and delight, while I was still sitting there in that chair, they called me, and we have been friends ever since. How I treasure the times Traci and I talk and when we pray together.


Through the years, I have come to know her as loving and compassionate, with wisdom, speaking the truth. One who stays true to her convictions. One who desires the Lord above all else and is willing to pay whatever price to follow after Him.


The deep truths Traci shares from the word of God and from her own life experience, come to life as she shows not only a way of living, but how to get there, bringing hope.


I love what Traci says, “His awesomeness is not glorified by expressing how little we can know of Him.” There is a deep in the heart of God that longs to be known and to fellowship with us (Psalm 42:7).


Redemption is the first step into that fellowship with God. Through confession, my sins are forgiven. But my nature has to be changed. This change requires an inward working of the Lord, which takes place as I submit my life to Him. This submission of my life to His Lordship is essential for me to grow into deeper fellowship with Him.


As Traci says, the battleground is in our soul area! The choice is ours. Are we going to settle for the lowlands of this life, allowing our carnal nature to rule? In my Spiritual Warfare class, I used to draw on the blackboard a carnal man – body, soul, and spirit – to illustrate a life where the flesh is dominant. Then I would draw a spiritual man – spirit, soul, and body – to illustrate a life where the spirit has become strong and now governs. Are we willing to become spiritually minded, to spend time in God’s word and in His presence? Are we willing to be ruled by the Holy Spirit? I may have Jesus, but does He have me? I may know Him as Savior, but is He Lord of my life?


Like Paul, may we seek to know holiness in the power of His resurrection (Ephesians 1:19). And through that same resurrection power, may we walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4). An overcoming people! Made ready for the purposes of the Lord!


As Traci lays out so beautifully the development of our spiritual man and the fullness of this kind of life, may the truths found in this book be worked into your own life experience, as you prayerfully read, allowing understanding to unfold in your heart.


Nancy Taylor-Tate

Pastor, Teacher, Speaker, Writer

Parousia Ministries

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