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Gary and Traci impart vision that not only brings revelation, but also a powerful reality of the abiding presence of Christ. It is their passion for God's people to understand and apprehend the life, power and strength that comes from Christ (1 Cor.6:19; Col.1:27; Gal.2:20) therein bringing life and personal transformation which is the answer to the world today.


Gary carries the anointing of a true reformer of the forgotten structural dimensions within the kingdom (1 Cor.3:10). He is driven to build, train, establish and govern in the most difficult places. Gary sharply distinguishes and rightly divides between a man-centered and God-centered perspective.


Traci is driven to influence and train the saints into position to fulfill the great commission. She ministers under a strong life changing anointing with passionate desire that flows from her to those around her, bringing them from hearers only to the "Being and Doing" of God's Word (James 1:22).

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