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All Equal, But Not The Same

1 Corinthians 3:1

There are irrefutable examples or patterns, teachings and concepts that are counterproductive to the maturity of God’s people. Not all social media should be broadcast publicly. There's certain subjects that the spiritually young and/or underdeveloped cannot nor should digest. Without question we're all equal in Christ, but we are not the same in function, authority, maturity and process. 

Characteristics of maturity are often overlooked, especially if people are gifted. 

In 1 Corinthians 3:1 Apostle Paul stated, "I could not speak to you as to spiritual men, but as to men of the carnal nature." 

There are three areas that Christians commonly move in; Head knowledge of the Scripture, sharing Scripture and insight, as well as functioning in the gifts of the Spirit. Although these are good things and should not be forsaken, they do not make everyone spiritually mature enough to rightly divide all discussions taking place. 

When Master Building the model Christ has imparted into us, it's important to remember that ALL are in some form of process. Depending on the culture, region, spiritual and political climate this does vary.

 ~ Traci Carson


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A Prophetic Word to the Churches

Many of us have prophesied about the days we have entered into. The Lord from time to time has Gary and I read over old prophesies and have found them encouraging. 

The following word written in 1999 is from our dear friend John L. Moore. John is a strong apostolic and prophetic voice that has served the Body of Christ for decades. He is also a renowned author, writer and rancher from Montana. He is a multi-winning novelist and journalist. 


- John L. Moore

I was driving through the stark, snow frosted hills of our eastern Montana ranch when the Spirit superimposed a vision upon the landscape and I suddenly saw a summer scene of blue skies and a field of golden sunflowers.

As I watched a breeze stirred the flowers and they entered various stages of growth and maturity. A few began to grow leaves. Many that had leaves began to bud. The budding flowers began to bloom. And the blooming flowers began to wilt.


I felt impressed that the vision represented stages of the prophetic movement within the Body of Christ. There are many young Christians who are just beginning to leaf-out and spread themselves upward. Others are budding, and there are many of these. There is also a strong company of those who were blooming. But then there are those who are wilting and the Spirit impressed on me that some of those who had been in full bloom and are now lowering their heads were fighting that stage of their growth. They are trying to force themselves to stay in full bloom but the more they try the weaker their heads become.


Also, the Spirit showed me that some who were budding were also trying to force the natural process and come into full bloom prematurely. As I watched I saw the whole process from beginning to end as the Spirit blew across the field. The flowers seemed to believe that blooming was the ultimate glory, but the ones that wilted and lowered their heads soon became heavy with seed and the seed began dropping onto the soil.

The Spirit said: "The wilting and dropping of the head produces seed one hundred times more glorious than all that which is produced in the moments of full bloom." When the vision faded I was left with the realization that there are certain prophetic ministries that appear to be wilting. These ministries must yield to this season, at the same time, the budding and blooming ministries must not uncover them or rush too eagerly to take their place, for it is in the lowering of the head and the dropping of seed that these ministries will be fully verified and honored.

 ~ John Moore


Embrace Your Sphere

1 Corinthians 3:10

It is God’s intention for Apostles to flow and become the sharp point of the tribe they’ve been sent to. They face bitter reproach and offense as they pioneer a new work. That has been and continues to be the Divine outworking of this amazing work.

What others are now apprehending, the faithful few have already paved the road. I sense there are more than just a a small minority who feel they are missing it or being left behind. No, you are not. What others are now proclaiming is what you have faithfully plowed.

Many years of working that fallow ground while others wondered what in the world you were doing. Be careful not to throw out what God has purposed you in and through. Be careful not to tear down what you have built as a master builder. I sense some of you are in the valley of decision.

Do not allow your decisions to be made by what others are doing. There are too many clones and lemmings as it is. Embrace your sphere of authority and move when God tells you to move.

 ~ Traci Carson

For Ascension GiftMinisters 

The following word is specifically for ascension gift ministers.


The ground (the ministry, region and city) where He placed you has been hard, attempting to prevent seed sown from penetrating, germinating, and growing to maturity. Even in the midst of what seems like little strength, barely able to keep your hands on the plow and your vision straightforward, you have cast down the voice that continues to say, “Has God really said…? For you know deep within you’ve heard His voice and He will bring you through into rich fulfillment (Ps.66:12).

There have been great shakings in the Church. Especially within the last 10 years it has been and continues to be a time of taking special care in what we plant because the harvest will reap as a “bumper crop” - referring to an unusually large harvest of good or bad. This does not mean that sowing good things will result in no trials or persecution; nevertheless He has given us the means to move through them in His grace, peace and power.

Although there have been great shakings and chaos, along with distress to the soul, it has also been a time of tremendous revelation of who we are, and who we are not. Whatever is not of Christ and His Kingdom will continue to be shaken loose from our lives. For those who yield themselves to this shaking they will reap a great fruition from the Tree of Life.

In the following years ahead there is the continuation of transforming the pliable into Divine order. This order with Kingdom authority will come with consequence, and it will only be given to those who walk in the love, patience and the humility of Christ. They have been tested and tried through false accusations, misunderstandings, and at times complete disregard.


Though deeply wounded they have allowed the Lord to heal them and love others in spite of the affliction. Do not be dismayed by the opposition that comes against you while pressing through the narrow place. This path is not wide, but narrow and there are few who are willing to find it (Matthew 7:13,14). 

Be careful in comparing yourself with others. Do not be caught up in that error. Know your place, know your season, and come to understand what He is preparing you for. Apprehend today. Tomorrow is always tomorrow and many will miss what the Lord is doing in and through them today. Today He is imparting into you His fullness for the Day. 

Please understand that not all prophetic words will come to pass for everyone. Christians must understand the word, “if” and the reality of the Lord’s workings. He desires His people to mature beyond their present condition and experience. May His ascension gifts no longer carry blemished and dead doctrinal stances into the New Year by just white washing them. May the Lord enlighten the counterfeit in all of us, those hidden places deep within the soul that ooze out false love and sloppy grace. May we yield to His refining fire where we are quickened by His Spirit and demonstrate His fullness.


  ~ Traci Carson

Prophets Beware

Jeremiah 23:26; Ezekial 14:4

Something that Gary and I look for in God's prophets is the ability to see and understand that not all are given the blessings spoken. There should be an "IF" before each word released.

The Lord is dealing with His prophets and those who consider themselves to be the mouth piece of God. Spiritual leaders who continue speaking words of peace over everyone are blanketing the Corporate Church with promises in spite of their disobedience. This is not properly equipping the saints (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Prophets who continue to prophecy from the hearts of the people rather than the heart of God will be given over to their own deception.

It is what it is - Sweet words that flow like honey, bringing temporary refreshment; however, too much honey can cause acid reflux. (Jeremiah 29:8; Ezekiel 44:2-11)

 ~ Traci Carson


The Lord's Headship

The Ark Of The Covenant

Christ is the embodiment of the Ark of the Covenant – all the fullness of the Godhead.

Like the Ark, He has been crowned with glory and honor. He is the Head, and no other; He is the covering for His Body of believers, and whoa to those who attempt to touch and straighten what He has purposed in this Day.


There are governmental ministries that have allowed their heads to be removed for Christ. They have been placed upon His shoulders where they belong.

Symbolically speaking in this present day, we are about to learn what reverencing the Lord’s Headship is. False governmental leaders will find themselves in a place they do not want as they attempt to reach out and straighten that which God has commanded.

 ~ Traci Carson


Kingdom Principles

Last week during worship service the Lord spoke a strong word regarding His ascension gifts (Ephesians 4:11). Unbeknownst to me while the Lord was impressing His word within my spirit, Gary’s spiritual hearing was opened to the sound of people shouting and praising God in revelry rather than reverence. They were drunk on self, fueled by greed. 

Especially over the last two millennia the CorporateBody has certainly seen and experienced apostasy, abuse, hypocrisy and misuse of authority within the Corporate Church worldwide. Much has been addressed regarding this issue and rightly so. But in the midst of immorality there is upright leadership. The Spirit of the Lord has and always will raise up those who demonstrate sound spiritual standards. As my husband has said, “Spiritual eunuchs that will not rape the bride. They are singularly focused in feeding and maturing the flock onto the fullness of Christ."

"The Lord says, “My Shepherds have been bound and muzzled by generations that have controlled them similar to the days of Aaron, the Israelites and the golden calf. I am changing this. My Shepherds are set free from the manipulation of children at play (revelry). I’m calling sides and gathering out the stumbling blocks.“


Not all grasp or heed to the process of God, nor do they fully understand the involvement that takes place with His ascension gift ministries and the churches as they move in transition from one glory to another. 

While Moses was up on the mount with God he was also in a place of transition. During his long absence the Israelites wondered what happened to him. And so they sought for themselves other gods that would go before them. Aaron gave in to the murmuring and manipulation. Lord help feeble leaders who give into the flesh of the people.  

Those who have called themselves and started a self-appointed/bitter hub under a fictitious jesus will not notice the righteous standard taking place within God’s humble and contrite Shepherds. Yes, there are real ascension gift ministries that have been crushed to powder and then reformed as God has purposed before entering into the consummation of His Kingdom (Hebrews 12:25-29). Shepherds who have yielded to the great shakings along with deep distress to their soul have experienced the deep revelation of who they are and who they are not. Whatever is not of Christ and His Kingdom has and will continue to be shook loose from their lives. 

YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Especially in the Western part of the world, secularism has drawn and attempted to succeed in the course of Christians disregarding God and His principles. Whether people like it or not, there is Godly order. There are sacred structures where written commissions and instructions are imparted into those He has given to equip the saints who are willing. (Ephesians 4:11-16)

At the turn of the century I had a series of dreams revealing events that would take place if Christians would not release themselves from humanistic standards while throwing His name around like a magic wand. He has wept and vomited (Rev. 3:15,16) and seen what His people have dragged into His temple. Many have desecrated His name and temple, proclaiming evil good and good evil (1 Cor. 3:16; Is. 5:20). 

We have not yet come into the unity of faith in Christ Jesus. There are still numerous amounts of Christians being tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine and teaching. I think some feel they will be blinked into another person suddenly with absolutely no work on their part.


There are those who say they are the church. There's no need to go to a gathering place to be instructed as their body is God’s temple and they have Holy Spirit who teaches them all things. It’s true that our body is His Temple and He lives there. How glorious to know that wherever you go, whatever you do, He is there with you. However, an individual is no more the church than an individual board is a house. All must be fitly framed, joined together to be anything. The four walls of your house are built by many trees, not just one. Do you know that the Body of Christ has many members, not just a mouth? Do you know that your arm without the rest of your body will wither and die if not attached? 

Did you also know that the Body of Christ has a head (Christ being the head), with shoulders where His government remains (Isaiah 9:6)? Government by nature governs. 

“Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and in doctrine.” (1 Tim 5:17)

“We beseech you brethren, to know those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you.” (1 Thess. 5:12)

“Follow them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” (Heb 13:7, 17)

There will be a continued transformation of the pliable into Divine order as Christ has purposed. Yes, this order with Kingdom authority will come with consequence and it will only be given to those who walk in the discipline, love and humility of Christ. They have been tested and tried through false accusations, misunderstandings and complete disregard. Though deeply wounded they have allowed the Lord to heal and reform them in spite of the affliction. 

The ascension gifts are beginning to come down off the mountain (sequester and dealings)… What will the people do?

 - Traci Carson

The End of Your Faith

The reason that Father is putting His finger, if you will, whether it be on rejection, insecurity, fear, lack of peace or whatever it may be, is because people refuse to understand the salvation of the soul. They on purpose with great zeal refuse to understand it. It's amazing. 

Apostle Peter says, "The end of your faith, the Salvation of your soul..." The end of your faith isn't to get money. The end of your faith isn't to get healed. The end of your faith isn't for all the other peripheral stuff that the churches have used it for. 

Peter says that the end of your faith IS the Salvation of your soul - period! If that's not taken care of, wealth will be temporal, healing will be temporal, well being will be temporal, peace will be temporal. Everything will be TEMPORAL! 

Our faith is to be exercised with the outcome of as Peter declares, "The salvation of our soul, NOT our spirit - it's Born again. 

People have all this stuff boiling up in this hour. All things happening such as fear, anxiety, and so on and so forth. WELL? The Scripture told them it was going to be that way! Mens hearts will fail them for fear in the later days. Here we are! People's anxiety level is through the roof. Their fear and uncertainty is through the roof. It may be coming in a different way than people expected, but here it is. 

AND I got great Gospel news for them. And I mean this sincerely... It's going to get worse! 

What? That's good news? 


Because we will be crushed and pressed into becoming like Him, instead of a glorified thought process. we will become like Him, not like our favorite faith hero, not like some great this or great that. 

And God says, "I've had enough of your circus. I've had enough of your zoo, where everyone prayed through and saw all the animal attitudes. I am going to press you to become like me! Or you will drift off into darkness." 

Get ready for the age of the darkness of the soul. It will come upon many Christians, the darkness of the soul. 

People need to get this. If they are not exercised now by what the Lord is doing they will drift backwards into the darkness of the soul.

- Gary Carson

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