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Do You Feel Crushed?

By Gary Carson

The true anointing comes out of crushing. We cannot have a pure anointing without crushing - period. You may feel that God will not require that of you, but He requires all to be crushed.

In the Old Testament we see where they would bring ingredients together for the anointing oil and for the perfumer. They would list all ingredients that went into it, but each by themselves, though extraordinarily valuable, were limited to those ingredients. You could not add or take away. Each of those ingredients are very important.

Even though each ingredient is important, their value was not produced until they were put in a bowl where a pestle was taken to grind all ingredients to powder. It wasn’t until they lost individual identity for the corporate purpose that everything changed.

As long as there remains individuality, you will have a measure in value, but you will not find corporate purpose until you go through the crushing. This is by God’s design whether we like it or not.

The sweet incense, aroma, the oils that came out of the crushing was extraordinary. It took all the ingredients to be brought together for the Divine purpose of the Corporate anointing.


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