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Living Water

By Gary Carson Out of our belly flows rivers of Living Water. Even so, what people don't realize is it comes out through the soul (mind, will and emotions) as a filtering system.

This Living water is filtered through years of religious dogma that has plugged our cistern. Such beliefs cap our cistern with earth and stones.

* Earth - fleshly nature. Feel good, status quo Christianity.

* Stones - areas of stubbornness and resistance to God. We use these stones to throw at godly men and women who are drawing the Body of Christ to come up higher.

Our mind acts as a capstone to our cistern. The Living Water that comes out is often filtered through areas of wounds, stubbornness, doctrines and traditions of devils, etc. It's subjected to the reasoning and rational of our natural mind. This hinders us from hearing the purity of the Living Water and Truth.


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